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Article Submission Guidelines

Articles submitted must be your own - You cannot submit articles written by someone else, unless the author has given you permission and credit is given in the tagline.

Submitting your article to REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. grants us the right to publish it - We can then publish the article anywhere on the website, blog, or syndicated via RSS. This also means we can change where it appears, including the category selected, at any time.

Submitting your article to REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. grants others the right to publish it - Other users of REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. articles are given the right to publish your article on their website, newsletter etc. Note that the article must be as originally published here, including the resource box where you as author are credited. It is required that our site (link back) be listed in the article if copied from REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc.

Don't add affiliate links - Submitted articles must not contain affiliate links.

No more than 5 links in the article body - We are happy to accept articles containing links as we believe that back-links in the context of an article are valuable, but articles that contain more than 5 links will be declined.

No more than 3 links in the resource box - Submissions that contain more than 3 links in the resource box will be declined.

Submitting an article to REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. does not entitle you to any form of compensation, financial or otherwise.

Articles submitted have no guarantee of being accepted - We reserve the right to reject an article for any reason.

Please check spelling and grammar prior to submission.

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