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For Sale by Owner Workshop Kit

A "HOW TO" workshop kit designed to give you the skills and tools needed to SELL YOUR HOME and save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!! Yes, there are proven skills and tools ! Why re-invent the wheel ? Mistakes are costly ! You do not have to learn by trial and error Receive this dynamic workshop kit and learn how YOU TOO CAN SELL YOUR HOME !!! AND SAVE THOUSANDS !!!

"Being a licensed real estate agent myself, even though I am in the timeshare sales business with Hilton, I found Nathalie's For Sale By Owner program very useful and cost-efficient when I sold my townhouse a few months ago. Their expertise in handling the paperwork that is necessary in the sales process was smooth & efficient. Their FSBO program was all I needed to get the job done."..... Jonathan O’Neill Director of Sales
entire kit $129.00!!!

You will learn:
FIRST THINGS FIRST - GAME PLAN - Planning can mean the difference between a smooth process and a nightmare!

• PRICING - Use facts to price, not opinions. Prepare your own CMA.

• MARKETING - Marketing can be expensive but is necessary. You'll learn where to spend your dollars for maximum exposure, how to write ads, Internet links, and more!!!

• STAGING - This one secret could save you $5000.00 (make your home show like a model)

• FINANCING - Create different financing packages to "entice" & help the buyers.

• QUALIFYING - Step-by-step worksheets to qualify prospects. Learn the proper questions to ask without feeling too "pushy". How to stay in control of the important process, which is critical! What good is a sale if the financing does not go through? Foolproof the process.

• NEGOTIATING - Learn how to negotiate just as a neutral party would. Sometimes being too close to the situation without these techniques could cost you thousands.

• CONTRACTS - Contracts for your use.

• SAFETY- You owe it to your loved ones to be careful!!! All the savings in the world are not worth your loved ones - or your own - personal safety. Use checklist of precautions at all times. The professional criminals don't look obvious. (READ AND BE SAFE!!!)

• HOW TO DEFY THE CRITICS - Critics have said that it's difficult to sell your home on your own. Using the techniques, information, forms, and professional guidance from a real estate pro - you too, can sell your own home and save thousands!!!

• BUZZ WORDS - Don't blow it!!!- What and how you say something can make the difference between success and failure. Learn what "not to say" as well as "what to say."

• SETTLEMENT - Okay, so you've sold your home. The contract is ratified. Now learn how to complete the transaction and make it to the settlement/closing table. Avert snags with home inspections and many other potential deal-breakers that may pop up if you're not prepared. Discover what hidden fees may arise that you don't have to pay. And so much more!!

"This book, by real estate leader, Nathalie Mullinix, is outstanding for anyone wanting to sell their own home. Detailed, clear, orderly and easy to put into action. I don't know how any workbook could be any better. It exudes enthusiasm and gives the user confidence."..... Chuck Mills, CEO Interactive Leadership Concepts Kailua, Hawaii
entire kit $129.00!!!

We know that you'll gain so much knowledge with this kit - learning steps from A-Z with worksheets, contracts, feature sheet layouts, communication, advertisers, ads and negotiating steps - that we're offering a lifetime membership in REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. which gives you special benefits as a member. (

This is not a real estate book that just teaches generalities. It's a complete kit covering everything needed to sell your home. Intertwined throughout are tips from a real estate pro that far exceeded industry standards and knows what it takes to go to the top and make the sale work.

As an added bonus to the SALE BY OWNER WORKSHOP KIT , Nathalie Mullinix will add 30 days of e-mail consulting - FREE!!! Just contact her at (phone consulting with Nathalie Mullinix also available, as well as consulting with agents in your area.)

Kit Includes: Contracts (these are general - please obtain local addendums and regulations for your specific area), feature sheets, ads, worksheets, contact information and entire workshop. Learn from the pros!!!


Written and designed by Nathalie Mullinix Real Estate Broker.

She's sold over 3000 homes in 20+ years

When You Order Your Kit you will receive a BONUS, you can list your home on and it is included for 6 months FREE!

For Sale By Owner Workshop Program - You can do it!

Today's the day we're going to give you the tools you need to allow you to sell your home yourself and save thousands of dollars in commission costs.

Selling your home takes both work and time. If you can spare the time, focus on this process, and follow the models already in place, this will work.

"I read cover to cover, For Sale by Owner Workshop Kit written by Nathalie Mullinx , and found it to be comprehensive, complete and foolproof. For realtors it is a useful tool to teach clients. And for those that are "do-it-yourselfers" it is a complete outline of the necessary steps to market your home!!"..... D. Pearl Senior Loan Officer, Presitge Home Mortgage LLC, Owings Mills, MD
entire kit $129.00!!!

A brief background on me: Licensed in 1985… $12 million sold by the third year, $18 million sold per year before starting on projects for REALTY UNIVERSAL. Sold over 2,000 homes in 17 years. I have worn every hat in this business since 1990 - running my own companies while selling the entire time - and, as a matter of fact, I still actively sell, while focusing on consulting, estates and waterfront projects.

I believe that if you're going to teach a subject - you should know the matter first hand and have produced impressive results.

First, ask yourself this question - Why are you selling?

This is a very important question for many reasons. Mainly, to map out your game plan for the sale. You'll also be asked this question many times by prospective purchasers.

This system is really designed for the 9-5 person who has evenings (or days) and weekends free. It isn't really designed for the entrepreneur who's business is their living.

In this case, your time would be better spent doing what you do best and leave the selling to the experts. You can easily calculate your work time vs. free time and decide if this program makes sense for you. Formula - take income divided by hours worked to get rate of pay (many know the figure already) to come up with the answer.


I have designed this kit as a workshop for you to use. It contains pull outs, forms and lots of open space for notes, goals and ideas. Please utilize these pages for your convenience. Pages may not be copied for profit, but feel free to use them as handouts and to delegate your needs in selling your home.

The kit is also designed to work with tapes, CDs, and videos in a classroom setting - all part of our "For Sale by Owner Workshop Kit." It isn't mandatory to purchase the tapes, videos, or CDs, since everything is explained in the following pages, but we all have our own style of learning.

Choose what works best for you. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Please send us your suggestions, comments and testimonials in selling your home. We'll be updating this kit on a yearly basis, and would appreciate using your feedback to perfect this system.

"Nathalie Mullinix is amazing and truly knows how to sell homes."..... Joseph Carmichael (Kailua/Oahu)
entire kit $129.00!!!

What type of problems come up when selling on your own?


SAVING THE COMMISSION: Homeowners often attempt to sell their own home to avoid payment of commission. This generally does not happen. Buyers usually have knowledge of the real estate market and assume that a home being sold by the owner is intentionally overpriced so that if the owner ultimately decides to seek the aid of a professional real estate agent, he or she will still net the amount being sought. Therefore, the buyer will make an offer less the commission and the homeowner will net less as if a broker had sold the house with the seller paying the commission.

UNDERPRICING: Homeowners are often not as familiar with the real estate market as professional brokers, and as a result under price their home and net less money than they could have.

ADVERTISING EXPOSURE: While the owner is advertising only one home, a broker is advertising many. Brokers can provide information on a house to buyer’s looking at other houses, thus increasing advertising exposure. 80% of buyers will come in contact with a real estate agent or broker. If the agent is good at their profession, they will know the right questions to ask to hook the customer or client. This isn’t really hooking – it is showing the buyer or seller why it is to their benefit to work exclusively with a realtor.

HOME SELLING EXPERIENCE: A broker is trained and experienced in showing homes, presenting benefits to justify cost, and overcoming the buyer’s objections.

QUALIFYING BUYERS: Brokers ascertain whether or not a prospective buyer is financially able to buy a home before showing it. A homeowner does not typically have access to the resources to qualify buyers.

NOT AT HOME PROBLEM: A real estate agent can provide access to a home at the buyers convenience, whereas an owner selling his or her own home can only show the home when they are available to make an appointment.

ACCESS BY STRANGER: The For Sale by Owner sign is an invitation to prospective thieves to case a house.

HANDLING OBJECTIONS: Agents or brokers are experienced in handling the objections of a prospective buyer in an effective and professional manner. They have more experience and many offer other options that will assist to “close” the deal.

PERSONAL PRIDE: Brokers can present a home objectively, whereas owners are often far from objective about their one home. A broker, as an outsider, can put himself or herself in the perspective of the buyer and communicate more effectively. Buyers will not be as open in their opinions of the home with the seller as they will with agents. Sellers may feel that they are being too pushy when the right question or solution could “close” the deal.

THE URGENT SITUATION: When the time in which a home must be sold is finite, it is wise to consult a professional to be certain that the home sells quickly and is marketed properly to attain the maximum selling price.

FOLLOW UP SYSTEM: Homes often sell on the second contact with a buyer. Agents or brokers follow up effectively and do not lower their resistance as much as the homeowner might, avoiding selling for a lower price.

PURCHASER NEGOTIATIONS: Brokers are more effective negotiators as impersonal go-betweens, and are less likely to lose the prospective buyer in this critical stage.

LEGAL CONTRACT: Agents and brokers are trained to create legal s that insure final closings. A broker or agent can create a sound contract, which is harder for the buyer to breach. Typically, the contracts that agents and brokers use are created by real estate attorneys concerning many situations to bind the parties. Also, different counties or jurisdictions may have additional laws needing additional addendums.

FINANCIAL PROBLEMS: When a broker arranges financing, he or she is in a better position to obtain a more favorable loan for the buyer by placing loans through several lending institutions. In addition the broker may obtain a more reasonable discount point quote for the seller in cases of refinancing. This alone often makes up for commission costs.

entire kit $129.00!!!


These points are only brought out so that you will not be on the defensive when asked these exact questions by parties. It is always better to be forearmed and forewarned when in a negotiating position. O.K. so you are sure that selling your home yourself is the next step. Here we go…

Be forearmed by purchasing The For Sale by Owner Workshop Kit!!!

  • Remember it includes everything from A-Z to sell your home plus 30 days of e-mail consulting with the author who sold over 2200 homes in 19yrs. (one month of e-mail consulting with Nathalie Mullinix sells for $500)
  • Learn how to stage your home to sell immediately
  • Learn what to say and most importantly “what not to say” in negotiations
  • A contract is wonderful but learn the steps to complete the sale and receive your proceeds
  • Entire section on contracts plus generic contracts and addendums for many situations
  • Amortization schedule
  • Qualify your buyers-learn how to qualify just like the lenders do without feeling “too pushy.”
  • Close the deal
  • Learn different types of financing to net more!!!
  • Protect yourself from future liabilities
  • Gain access to many professionals in the industry and links to real estate information as needed
  • Learn about personal safety
  • Learn how to conduct the tours
  • Learn how to have a productive open house
  • Receiving marketing tips to save you $1000’s.
  • Pull out’s throughout kit for you to customize your plan
  • Lifetime membership in REALTY UNIVERSAL® (1st yr. Free- $99.00 value)
  • This workshop kit is designed to take you step by step with actual situations in selling your home.
  • Contents and index loaded for ease and specific needs
  • Learn how to follow a deal through week by week with a detailed system to ensure closing/settlement of your home.
  • Section on goals to go over with your family to make sure this is the right move for you
  • Make your move fun and involve the entire family with games and individual tasks
  • You do not have to re-invent the wheel!!! There are proven systems that work!!!
  • Avoid the unnecessary stress- follow the steps with ease
  • Save thousands of dollars of costly mistakes!!!


entire kit $129.00!!!

List your home for free on (until it sells- up to $99.00 value) includes 10 photos, plus brochures you can print out and hand-out or e-mail to prospects all over the world.

We are so sure that you will receive so much knowledge from The For Sale by Owner Workshop Kit that
we are offering a money-back guarantee. If at any time during 30 days of receipt of your kit you are dissatisfied return it for a full refund.

What are you waiting for?
Start your move today!!!

We are excited for you!!! The only thing that we would like to ask is that your send us your testimonials (names only used with your permission)
and give us your feedback so we may incorporate into our system to benefit future sellers like yourself.

entire kit $129.00!!!

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