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Why Housing in Charlotte Is Holding Strong

Most of the nation is singing the housing blues. But home sellers are singing a different tune in Charlotte, N.C., where prices rose in March, for the third month in a row, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Indexes.
What makes the North Carolina city so strong? “We never had a housing bubble,” says Mark Baldwin, executive

Real Estate Revolution

I’m so excited to be able to bring to the world’s stage a company as dedicated to universal excellence as REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. On the surface our company is initiating a revolution in the real estate world.
It’s a revolution founded on a very simple principle; we believe that sellers and buyers should have choices.

30-Year Rates Inch Above 6 Percent

Fueled primarily by inflation concerns, interest on long-term mortgage rates moved higher for the week. Freddie Mac reported a rise to 6.04 percent from 5.72 percent last week on 30-year fixed loans, which broke the 6-percent threshold for the first time in seven weeks. 
Rates on 15-year loans, which are popular in refinance deals, bumped

I’ll Buy Your House If You Buy Mine

Eager to move closer to their grandchildren in Tennessee, retirees Allen and Wilma Sawtelle put their home in the Southwestern Nevada town of Pahrump up for sale in August. They got nowhere. “The market is just dead,” says Mr. Sawtelle. At their open house, he says, “I think one guy came, and he’d been drinking.”

10 Frequently Asked Short Sale Questions

Here are 10 frequently asked short sale questions that are very helpful especially if you are just getting started or considering short sales as a means to acquiring pre-foreclosures.
1. What happens to the seller’s credit rating when they allow an investor to short sell their property?
What typically happens is the loan will show

IRS is Eyeing Real Estate Practitioners

The Internal Revenue Service is paying close attention to the definition of “Real Estate Professional” when it reviews tax returns. Under the IRS Code and Regulations, real estate professionals are defined as those who spend 750 hours or more annually handling real estate-related activities. 
Real estate professionals with property investments cannot record more than $25,000

Don’t Fear Falling Prices

Yale Professor Robert Shiller, whose Case-Shiller 20-city home price index has become an industry standard, says people shouldn’t fear gradually falling home prices.
“There’s nothing troubling about a gradual correction of home prices. If we keep our incomes at the current level and home prices go down we are richer, we can buy more housing,”