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Take advantage of our For Sale by Owner program today!

Get your property listed in your local MLS system plus many of the top home searching Internet sites all for a one-time fee of $379-$500 depending on your area. We service all 50 states!!! if you sell your property privately, your only cost would be the up front fee.

The Internet sites which your property will be listed on in addition to your local MLS will include your local state board sites,plus,,, GoogleBase,,,and

Our programs are completely tailored for you as an individual!!! This way no matter what your commitment level you are never alone. As a “For Sale By Owner” situations may arise where you need professional guidance. Examples could include: the loan appraisal, home inspection issues, negotiating, and a host of others. If you find yourself in this situation and in need of additional consulting, Agents/brokers are also available for contract preparation should your buyer not have an agent or an attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

The For Sale By Owner program is backed by a 100% upgrade guarantee

Occasionally a seller in the For Sale By Owner program decides that they want to completely turn over the handling of their listing to one of our nationally affiliated real estate professionals. Our guarantee provides that if you switch to a full service listing with one of our affiliates the original fee will be refunded to you at closing.

Benefits of having your property listed on the MLS and Internet

While selling your home on your own saves you the cost of paying a listing commission, statistics show that 90% of buyers still come from the MLS and the Internet. The For Sale by Owner program by REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. provides you with the best of both worlds. Just the cost of advertising in local papers would use up our fee in no time. Save yourself thousands with maximum exposure through the MLS. Do not delay!!! Sign-up for the For Sale By Owner program Today!!! Your property’s listing will be up and running within 24 hours of you signing up once the local broker receives your signed paperwork.

Your property is given a  complete web page on the Internet  dedicated to only your property. Your page is submitted to search engines, and advertised on,, GoogleBase,,,, and; Thus  giving your property worldwide exposure.

Your property will be in front of a network of real estate agents Nationwide with links on, local MLS and board sites in your area. Having the ability to list your home on these sites gives you the highest web exposure in the United States. has over 1,300,000 agents posting their listings giving it the highest exposure thus far; accessible worldwide of course!!!

For Sale By Owner Kits, documents, contracts, support materials to manage the way your property will be sold. Dramatically increases your market ability.

For Sale by Owner Kits

Consulting affiliates nationwide. Consult with real estate brokers/agents in your area. Select from “MENU” options tailored fit to your needs. 1-866-808-MENU (6368)

Find an Agent

Post up to 10 photos of your property (Many more photos depending on area, up to 36). Printable photos of your property are also included, which you can print for hand outs, displays in your areas locations, etc. . (may post plats and floorplans as well). E-mail or print your brochures at your leisure. Need to make changes to your listing? Price, remarks etc. E-mail us your changes and they will be posted within 48 hours.

Sign up now and have your property listed in your local MLS & Internet sites within 24 hours!!! (Certain restrictions may apply)

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