Please fill out all the forms to the best of your knowledge. We will automatically receive the forms once completed.

You may want to do the initials and signatures first to avoid going up and down the pages but do not click on the confirm signing button yet until you finish filling out all the forms since we rely on you to provide us all the information under this program.

The system will time out if left idle.

We recommend that you offer 3% coop fee as that would generate interest among real estate agents. However, the commission is not mandated by law so it can be any percentage or fixed amount you can decide up front. We cannot put -0-.

We need the following documents (All forms is in docusign powerform):
1) Exclusive Right Listing Agreement (all owners on title need to initial each page and full signatures on the last page, pls also indicate the start and end dates – 1 year)
2) Lead Based Paint Addendum (regardless of age of property, please indicate your choice under (a) and (b)
3) Agent Disclosure Form (that you are under our for sale by owner program)
4) Property Fact Sheet (for additional information)
5) Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement
6) Property Profile Sheet

Please select the appropriate property type on STEP 1 to begin filling out the forms.


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