As a Millionare Mastermind member you will receive:

With this package, you’ll receive all the benefits we offer, including:

  • 24 private coaching sessions
  • 20% referral fees
  • 8+ workshop tele-seminars per month
  • The full Certification Program, with all courses
  • Annual fee is $12,000.

Plus all the benefits of a Basic membership including:


    According to a 2003 study by the National Association of Realtors that was published in Realtor Magazine “coaching is the best way to increase your personal productivity.”

    The best athletes use coaches to help them push their physical limits. Movie stars use acting coaches to help them portray characters more convincingly. A coach will push you to do better when you think you are doing your best. Coaches know what it takes to create the self-discipline needed to succeed. They understand the power of focus. In fact, coaching for executives and professionals is surging in popularity.

    According the Harvard Business School Journal“Executive coaching is a major growth industry. At least 10,000 coaches work for businesses today, up from 2,000 in 1996. And that figure is expected to exceed 50,000 in the next five years. Employers are now willing to pay fees ranging from $1,500 to $15,000 a day.”

    And, The Economist magazine noted in a recent issue that “Executive coaching is growing by about 40 percent a year.”

    When you become a REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. member, you have access to private one-on-one coaching with founder and president Nathalie Mullinix Click here for bio and other top real estate agents. But it does not stop there!!! You’ll have the opportunity to get coaching phone sessions with some of the industry’s top producers and calls with top speakers and trainers including Lynn Rose, Professional singer, Emcee, T.V. and Radio Host and Tom Antion, the author of the best-selling presentation skills books Wake ‘Em Up Business Presentations and Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing. When you become a member of REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. you get at least one free group coaching session every month. If you miss the live session you can listen to the online replay for 7 days. These are interactive calls where you are able to ask questions and be involved. You can receive discounts on additional packages to fit your time and budget. The private coaching is tailored for you!!


    REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. aims to always provide you with an excellent weekly learning experience right from the comfort of your own home or office via tele-seminars. In these tele-seminars, you can expect to learn critical business and personal skills, be inspired, have your preconceptions challenged, broaden your horizons with new business opportunities, discuss vital business issues with your peers from around the world, and stay at the top in your field. Live seminars are conducted in different cities around the United States, so you can attend in person if you live in the area or are traveling.

    As a REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. member, you’ll receive discounts on all tele-seminars. Seminars are conducted by top industry leaders in real estate, Internet technology, sales, marketing and design, communications, tax strategies, planning and investments.

    All seminars are on online replay for 7 days in case you miss one. Learn from the experts!!!


    Your REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. membership entitles you to discounts on assessment courses so that you can find out more about yourself and what your strengths and skills are. You’ll learn how to tailor your work schedule and sales strategies for your strengths, values and attitudes. In conjunction with private coaching, you’ll be able to use what you learn in your assessments to better manage your time, win more prospects and be more successful.


    Submit a profile of yourself and the services you offer to clients and you’ll be able to reach millions of people through our ongoing marketing campaign. From your profile on the REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. membership site, which is searched by thousands of potential buyers and sellers each day, you can link to your current home page, your listings, a newsletter or any other information you want. Your profile will appear in online search results for agents in potential buyers’ and sellers’ areas. If you are currently without a home page this is a must for your own personal exposure.


    Thousands of buyers, sellers, agents and brokers regularly search the REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. database for properties. You can reach this global market by adding your listings. You aren’t limited to how many listings you can add, and you can post photos and links with the listing information. Each listing receives its own listing number. You can use the MLS number or make up your own to be used in marketing. Upload up to 10 photos of each property. You can easily change and update the information in seconds.

  • 6. FLYERS

    Print flyers for the listings you created when you inputted the property information and pictures. Send flyers to your customers and clients via e-mail. Or, print copies to put in the information boxes attached to your “For Sale” yard signs. Save yourself and your assistant time and money with this feature!!!


    Receive ongoing referrals from the huge number of buyers and sellers who search REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. for agents in their area. Being a member automatically gives you this benefit. If you are referring to another agent and vice versa you work out your own arrangement between your own companies. (There are no referral fees when referring to another REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. member). Customers and clients will find you easily. Twenty percent is paid on referrals only upon final closing/settlement referred by REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. to you.


    With your membership, you’ll get the monthly REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. newsletter, which offers tons of advice, links, and information to enhance you and your business immediately. Each month you’ll find articles on networking, upcoming tele-seminars, forums and ongoing communication to enhance your business. There is so much information on the Internet flooding all our in boxes these days. We narrow down and sift through the flood of information to bring you relative important information that you can use right away.


    Refer people to us and receive a referral fee on each new member. When that member signs someone up, you still receive an override on the person they signed up.

    I. Affiliate Program.

    1. Super Affiliate Members that refer new Members to Company will receive a 30% referral fee for each new member sign-up and a 20% referral fee of any subsequent sign-up referred from the original member. (2-tier affiliate plan) Members can also participate in receiving 20% of the referral fee of referral fee commissions paid to referral company on agents that they brought into REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. as affiliates.
    2. Regular Affiliate Members that refer new Members to Company will receive a 20% referral fee for each new member sign-up and 10% referral fee of any subsequent sign-up referred from the original member. (2-tier affiliate plan) Members can also participate in receiving 10% of the referral fee of referral fee commissions paid to referral company on agents that they brought into REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. as affiliates.

    All real estate commissions must be paid through REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.’s referral company NMRU, Inc. to their respective licensed brokerages. No referral fees from commissions can be paid to agents directly without going through their broker. No commission will be paid to an unlicensed individual.

    (Super Affiliate – to qualify for Super Affiliate – refer 50 members)

A basic membership in REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. costs only $298 per year. Plus, when you sign up today, your yearly membership fee will never increase!!! We want to reward you for taking action today.

Or, choose a complete and unlimited array of services for $12,000 per year.