Real Estate Revolution

I’m so excited to be able to bring to the world’s stage a company as dedicated to universal excellence as REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. On the surface our company is initiating a revolution in the real estate world.

It’s a revolution founded on a very simple principle; we believe that sellers and buyers should have choices. As obvious as this seems, traditional real estate has never been structured in such a way as to allow the multitude of choices sellers and buyers truly deserve. For example, a traditional seller would either list their property with a realtor or try to sell their property themselves; hypothetically this could be decided by the flip of a coin and doesn’t leave the seller with a whole lot of options.

Here at REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. we understand that each client is a unique individual with unique needs and desires; an all or nothing approach definitely cannot work for everyone. It is for this reason that REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. has designed a totally unique system using menu programs which allow a seller or buyer to pay for only the services they need. While other companies may hand you a coin and say “choose”, we instead offer you the ultimate power of complete customization. Our menu programs are revolutionizing the way real estate is handled and yet this is only what the public sees; it’s the very surface of our company.

To truly understand the nature of REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. one must venture below the surface to the heart of our company. It is here that the mission of REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. starts to become apparent.

Our company is one of humanity. In addition to our worldwide humanitarian projects being developed over the next few years, we assure that no less than 10% of our company’s earnings each year will go towards charities striving to make a difference in the world. We do this because we believe that even the biggest company in the world is completely useless if it doesn’t do its part in making the world a better place