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I am very impressed with the high ethics and professionalism Nathalie brings to the table. She has proven to me she is second to NONE. She and her staff have done an excellent job holding my hand through the process and keeping me informed at all times. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have such a knowledgeable, pro-active and dedicated team standing behind me. To both buyers and sellers, without hesitation I would highly recommend Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. for all of your real estate needs. As a retired CA Real Estate Broker, I wouldn’t say this unless it was deserved. Thank you again for the great work. I look forward to our future transactions.

I’ve sold quite a few homes through Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc using the “for sale by owner” program. I always find Nathalie’s staff to be professional and most of all on top of things. I get referrals promptly and reminders about things that need to be done by certain dates. I am a very satisfied customer as are the friends whom I have referred to Nathalie. I plan to continue to patronize Mullinix Realty and highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to sell a home while minimizing the amount of hard earned money LOST to realtor fees by way of full service listings.

Realty Universal’s customer service is beyond exceptional. I have now listed 2 properties with them, and I have not been disappointed. They are very quick and responsive and stay on top of things. I have several more properties that I am working on, and I have decided to list them with Realty universal. The staff is great and friendly. I would highly recommend others to definitely try Realty Universal. You will not be disappointed. Great staff! Keep up the good work!

Nathalie, You were the bright light on my investing experience in Hawaii.

If you anticipate investing in Hawaii anytime in the near future, look for Nathalie. They don’t make em any better.

Really appreciated your valuable, prompt, and courteous support in helping me complete all the required forms. Responses to my inquiries were always timely and clear.