Markets are still going strong!!! Anxiety is up everywhere.

The real estate markets are still going strong in the US. A lot of foreign investors, including companies are buying

US properties. Anxiety is high with so many unknowns in everyone’s lives. So important to stay

as calm as possible, cherish our structures and take one day at a time, which isn’t always easy. Due to such

a seller’s market with low inventories and interest rates still low. (rates have inched up some, but are

still historically low) many buyers are losing out.  Buyers do not fear, there are so many ways to find

the right home and still negotiate;  ways to find properties before they go on the market.  Post on FB

Marketplace, post on local neighborhood FB sites and others.  Run an ad, let everyone know you are

looking. ( Always put safety first when contacted) Agents and brokers know about properties prior to

being listed as well.

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