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Randy: What’s up world? And welcome to REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. Radio! The fastest hour in radio, no doubt about it. I’m Randy Zachary and this is a show about real estate, about God, about life, about giving back, about being the change in the world that you’d like to see.

A privilege to bring to you Nathalie Mullinix and REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc., a company dedicated to excellence. REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. is a revolution founded on a very simple principle. We believe sellers and buyers should have choices. We have been a pioneer in the menu programs system, more on that of course a little later. Nathalie Mullinix, president and founder of REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc., averages over 80 million dollars a year in sales. Nathalie has been in the country top 1% for over 25 years and number one in Hawaii for two years prior to stepping back to building REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. Membership Network. She’s an accomplished speaker, writer, consultant, trainer, and oh, by the way, mother. She travels worldwide literally, spreading the Gospel if you will, of REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc.. And she joins us now. Hey, Nathalie!

Nathalie: Hey, Randy! How are you doing?

Randy: Doing good. In California got the low 90’s going on here so we’re enjoying a little bit of respite from the weather.

Nathalie: Oh, God! It’s so awesome! Well you don’t have a really cold winter there. It’s not too cold where you are.

Randy: No. It’s pretty mild, lots of rain and cloudy stuff but you gotta go up in the foothills or the Sierra Foothills. You get up there and you get a little more snow and stuff but yeah, we’re enjoying it and looking forward to today’s show. Again, we’re gonna revisit a very cool thing, and it’s the Buyer Rebate Program. And we’ll be talking about that in just a moment. And in the second half, the return of Dave Ferguson, –

Nathalie: Oh my gosh, it’s great! It seems like ages that we’ve talked to him. Awesome!

Randy: He’s on quite the role and we want him to talk about what John Maxwell calls the Big Low. The law of momentum and when you get momentum goes over the years, everything is easy, you’re in that groove or zone. Everything you touch – and he’s in one of those amazing zones right now, but it’s a product of years of preparation and hard work and now opportunity. So he’s gonna talk about how dreams really come true, but only after years of hard work. Most people don’t like that second part.

Nathalie: But you gotta visualize and stick with it because it really does come true, if you have that vision and have it through. It’s not like we can just dream about it and sit there and go “Make it happen!” That’s so cool! I’m looking forward to that. It’s really awesome! So I’m excited about the first half because, especially with the economy and the way things are, some people are making lots of money and it’s the old adage “If you have the money you can make the money.” And some people are still struggling and are certain there’s a lot of fear going on which we try to say fears are false evidence appearing real. We know, we have our ups and downs in life and we really do believe in helping people. I see it all the time, of course the company experts are gonna say “Bottom line, make money!” And if it goes public that the company isn’t making money for the shareholders, everybody gets aggravated. I still, to this day, am of the firm belief that if you give, it comes back. We’re here to serve and it’s wonderful if you can help everybody. Of course, you need to be smart and be able to pay the bills and overhead etc., but I still believe when it’s all said and done, if we can help our fellow human beings and help, that it’s gonna come back. It’s not that we do it just to get back, we’re doing it cause we care. So I’m excited. You know how I say to you “Gosh, Randy! The first half seems horrible to me because it’s real estate and I’ve done it for so long that it just gets, to me it gets boring.” You’ve done radio for 25 years and I don’t think it’s boring for you. You’re so good at it and you have the natural comedian side of you so you’re funny, but you still feel like – cause I think it’s true about everything after a while but I’m really excited now! Because we’re gonna talk about the buyer rebate program and how it works and this is in 50 states. We actually networked with brokers around the world and a couple different networks, there’s more than one we’re working with, but and we can on a case by case basis work out pretty well in 50 states and as we go through explaining it, we’ll see how if you’re an agent, broker or buyer listening to the show – because most buyers are sellers and most sellers are buyers, right? You’ll see how this works and what it’s covered a lot of the pros and cons when you’re offering programs like this, because somebody out there doesn’t like somebody making money or digging into your money. But I’m excited because think about it! If you were buying a property and there’s a way for you to earn more money and make money to use for your purchase, wouldn’t you wanna do it?

Randy: Yeah. Absolutely! I love to do that math!

Nathalie: Yeah and it’s not a lot of work, but there’s some work involved. Because just like you just mentioned, a good point about putting that work together and have that vision and it still comes through. So it’s like “Hey, did somebody give me something for nothing?” Not really. Should somebody give you something for nothing? Not really. I mean we’re getting into the philosophy side of it, but yeah. There is some work involved, cause it wouldn’t be fair for agents and brokers is there was no work involved. And as we go through this show, which goes by pretty fast, you’ll see why this process works and why we’re able to do what we’re able to do. And that’s exciting to me, because it does make a difference, it helps you as a buyer and it helps agents and brokers and it makes it a win-win situation all around. That’s what keeps that exciting, cause there’s a bigger picture there and it’s pretty neat!

So we’re gonna get started in a couple minutes and I wanted to say our parent company is REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc., that’s not the company that’s gonna give you the buyer rebate if you’re the buyer. It actually comes through the transaction that you’re in through a local broker or real estate agent. So yes, in order to get a rebate, you’re actually gonna have to follow licensing laws, so you’re actually going to have to work through local brokers and real estate agents. So it’s not like writing something and getting the check to you, because it goes through the transaction, it goes through in the closing statement, it’s in your contract so there’s full disclosure. And yeah, it’s pretty neat! There’s actually some states that will say “Wait! You can’t give your buyers a rebate.” Like we have a brokerage in Hawaii or Maryland and those states allow buyer rebates. Some states say “Hey, we’re not allowing a rebate” but we’re still able to do this because you’re getting credit through the transaction.

So when we’re going through this today, you’ll see that the program’s called a buyer rebate program and yes, you’re getting money through the transaction, but it’s not like – some states don’t allow rebates. The program works, there’s many different – sometimes mortgage companies give them out. So if we just wanna go through the steps – and if you wanna take a look, there’s two sides that I’m gonna give you that are tied into our brokerages. There’s many sites that are tied into many other brokers that are offering the buyer rebate but one is and and for Hawaii we have And that gives you more information too if you want to read up on the program. As always you can always go to and go to Contact Us. If you go to Contact Us and you want to sign up through a local broker in your area, you’ll want to fill out the form, country and address to this can be specified to you. So yeah –

Randy: So we’re gonna break this down here in the next few minutes. Really just scratching the surface and people can get more information at Is it ok if I ask a question?

Nathalie: Sure!

Randy: Because this is very fundamental. I told you before I got into radio cause the massing never really worked out for me. So here is my question. What is the difference between a rebate and just a discount? So in other words “Hey, I’m gonna go with this company cause this is a very cool rebate I’m getting.” What is the difference? In my mind I’m just trying to –

Nathalie: That’s a good question! If you’re getting the rebate when you’re buying the property, where the money is coming from is the seller is paying a commission to the company and the selling company is agreeing to take less commission from the seller and then the seller can give the credit to the buyer. That’s how it works if it’s an estate – they say “We can’t just cut you a check and give you a rebate. We have licensing laws for brokers and can’t just pay a commission to an unlicensed person.” So when you ask the difference, if you’re a buyer you ca get a rebate up to 2% of the purchase price and that comes out of the commission and what it is, the broker again reduces his commission and then has the seller pay it towards closing. A discount would be if you’re a seller and would say “Hey, I want you to list my house. What’s your commission? We’re not supposed to go into commissions by law.” But say they’re saying at 6% and you give me a discount and they ask 5%. So it’s a good question but you couldn’t really give a discount on the buyer rebate, there would be differences on how much you can get and receive up to 2%. So it’s a good question, you’re not paying them money so yeah. That’s pretty neat!

Randy: I understand now! That’s cool.

Nathalie: I think we have some email questions too. We might as well because we’re addressing them the questions and on this segment we have only 30 minutes to go through this, right? So and then we can dig in. What is it? It says “When do we receive the rebate?” Ok, you actually receive the rebate at closing, after buying the property and the contracts are written and you’re the buyer and there’s a seller and the contract is written and everybody’s agreed to the price. You can get it in a loan or pay in cash. Everything’s put through and an escrow title company and attorney and then you’re going to go to have a settlement at closing. That’s when you actually get the rebate. You’re gonna get it at the time, because that’s when for example the brokers are getting paid. If they don’t have a settlement at closing, you wouldn’t get the rebate, you need to be at the table and the moneys are being transferred from the lender to the seller company. So that’s when you get the rebate.

Randy: Ok, very cool! And how much? I mean what’s the percentage? You’re saying up to 2% of the sales price.

Nathalie: That’s a good question. Up to 2% is because when a selling commission, like if a property’s listed and the seller’s offering a courtesy co-op that’s the amount that they’re offering the title company that brings the buyer. So they’re offering 2-3% or less, but say they’re offering 3, the minimum that the brokers that we work with on this program will take is 1% to them and you get everything above. So it’s a 3% commission you could receive up to 2% and the minimum they’ll take is 1%. That’s based on the program that you do because you have to make a commitment and you do sign up and there’s a contract signed. So then you have an exclusive agreement, because there’s a commitment that you’re gonna work only with the broker. The company is going to put you on auto-prospecting and then give you listings and you also search within the listings online today it’s so easy to find properties on the internet, you go to open houses, you do drive-by’s and actually piggy back on some appointments. So there’s little details that get involved that the local broker explained to you and how you still do your side of the work to be able to get this rebate. And so up to 2% on a 500,000 house, that’s $10,000 which is quite a lot of money.

Randy: Yeah, in real estate you always think “1 or 2% That’s too low! When it’s that of a big number.”

Nathalie: A lot of the times, a company will go to 0,5% but can offer up to 2%, why would we do that? When I say we, I mean the brokers and agents that actually signup for the program. We do it because it’s based on a level of work and if you’re able to do this, and it works well, than we give you the maximum. We still want to make sure that you’re protected, that there’s something that you can handle right in the contract, using certified board contracts. Not board like in a legal term but contracts that are through border associations in the local area that you work in. Somebody to assist in the financing and coordinating. So you’re able to do the program but still not be alone and save or earn a lot of money sort of speak. You’re not actually earning as an employee or anything, you’re getting a credit in your transaction. But some other companies might only offer a tiny bit, and we’re able to do more. We have programs that are in between there’s situations where buyers say “I need full service. I need you to do all the showings and the looking up. I don’t have time to do anything. I just wanna pack.” But in this day and age, so many people when they are buying a property they’re excited and they look and find the property even before the agents find it, because the agents will be working with more than one client and you as you’re buying your own property, you’re focused only on that. So there are situations where the broker will get 1,5 or 2% and you’ll only get 1% because you need them to do more work. So that’s all explained and it really works out beautifully [inaudible] because we believe in it, in the programs. They’re leveraged and it’s a very wonderful situation that we’re able to o and we’re not greedy.

Randy: I’ve heard that buyer rebates might not be allowed in some states. Is that true?

Nathalie: Yeah! An actual rebate – we’re calling it our Buyer Rebate Program and it gets spelled out and you get the credit. And we have it setup when we do our trainings that we teach the brokers and agents how to do that so you’re covered no matter what state you’re in. They’re just talking about the rebate laws, if you could get money from this or that. What we do so that you are still able to do it in states that don’t allow rebate is that the actual broker in that area reduces their commission. So say the seller is paying 3% to the broker. The local broker would say “Ok, instead of getting 3% we’re only gonna take 1% and we’re gonna ask you to contribute 2% towards the buyers closing costs.” So that’s how they get the rebate, regardless of how the rules are in different scenarios. So the rebate covers a lot of industries so that’s how you can still get it. Which is pretty cool! And – but I’ll tell you. It’s a wonderful program and people love it! We do ask for a commitment through the local brokers, because there is work involved on both sides.

Randy: That’s the thing about real estate business or a lot of sales situations where you’re working with people, you’re building relationship. So – but I’ve heard of some realtors who actually have a before they really begin to build a relationship. There’s a term for it, but basically it’s a commitment that you make for them. “Hey! You’re gonna be my agent.” And obviously, I think people can break them as well and I think sometimes making that commitment and often times on paper helps reinforce to people that they’re making a commitment here and that’s important, isn’t it?

Nathalie: Yeah, so on both sides. If one side is not doing what it’s supposed to, the other side should have clauses to cover that. But it is important because many people, agents and brokers love this industry. It’s not a hobby, right? So they have to run it like a business as well. And when you make a commitment, you know you’re committing to that person and in return, they’re gonna give back to you. So it’s a win-win situation. It stems back to – and it’s really good cause you can week out clients that you wouldn’t need as an agent or broker. If someone is adamant – that might just be the perfect plan to say “I think we’re just not a good fit. You should find another broker to work with.” It really is! It’s kinda, it really makes life so much easier, because not everyone is going to be cut out to work with everybody so – another point I wanna bring up is the lenders like depending on the loan that you’re getting, if you’re a buyer and you’re getting [inaudible] loan, your closing cost might be tied in and you’re asking the client to pay it and depending on the price of the property – say you’re closing and you’re in Hawaii and it’s a $600,000 then your closing costs come out to 7,000 total. And on a 600,000, if you’d be getting 2%, you’d be getting 12,000 to use towards your rebate but all your closing costs are only 7,000. Then you’d have 5,000 extra that you couldn’t use through the deal in that rebate because everything needs to be disclosed and on the paperwork and that’s when you need trained agents and brokers that know how to handle that so you are covered from the beginning and you can modify rates without extra money. There’s other ways to do it all legal. It can’t be under the table or on the side. So it’s really important that you have trained professionals helping you with this. Go ahead, I’m sorry!

Randy: So here’s again – it’s me, mister not math guy. In your example, you said $12,000 rebate, but the closing costs are only 7,000 so you have 5,000. So the rebate must go toward some expense in the deal. The rebate doesn’t include just cash back to you.

Nathalie: Well that’s a wonderful question, because it can just include cash back to you. So that’s a great question. It’s explained in the beginning that it has to be, its different facets have to be covered without the agent or broker is gonna know what to look out for. So it can be given back to you if it’s allowed. In Hawaii you can do a buyer rebate so if a person comes in and says that they’re doing a cash offer you could just cut a check and they get that at closing. That’s it! It’s totally given back. Where the situation arises is lenders allow – like for example typically if you’re putting down – well the 5% are non-existing. They were before, but I’m gonna give you an example. Say you’re putting 5% and the lender allows 3% to be paid upon closing. You’ve got in a 500,000 house, up to 15,000 you can use. Say they’re putting down 20% and the lender allows up to 9% which definitely covers that 2% you’re gonna offer back. But if it’s a VA loan, depending on the states, usually you’ve got plenty of closing costs that it’s gonna get covered in that amount. So you’ll get your money and it’s worked out! They just have to know how to do it. So – if it’s a VA loan, they won’t say “Let me just cut you the full check and we’ll see if there’s anything left over.” So you have to work it out through the contract. So it’s just I’m getting a little bit in detail and technical than we would have the time to explain it all here on the show, but it’s very important though and it’s an excellent question. You definitely are getting it! It’s just – that’s why you need to work with somebody that knows what they’re doing because if someone says “Hey! I’ll give you up to 2%” and you go in and alone, when your closing costs are only 7 [inaudible], you would lose it, you wouldn’t get it at closing. They would be “Nobody figured it out in the beginning of how to structure it properly so that the lender, figured out the closing costs and that you’re getting the credits and how the credits can be applied.” Because then you could lose it if you don’t do something how to structure it and it’s not so much – we train agents and brokers, they have to know the questions to ask so they need to know to call the lender “By the way, we’re gonna do a credit! What’s the maximum we can get here?” So it’s an excellent question so yeah and you can see why people really need to deal with people that know their stuff.

Randy: Absolutely! That has been – in the last 20 minutes over and over again the need for somebody just as you have kind of explained this, makes me realize why would anybody in this day of Google, everyone thinks that they can be the expert in an hour of study, but there’s no replacing decades or work and service and knowledge that many brokers have. We’re almost out of time, but another couple of questions come to mind for me. And one is how do you guys, how can you pay more than most companies? I mean REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc..

Nathalie: You know, I think maybe the agreement is different. I don’t mean to sound like that, because maybe to someone that’s not paying it seems like it’s silly to give away so much but that’s what it is. It’s basically having the systems setup and have it structured in a way that is a win-win situation. We have companies out there, we believe in real estate menu systems so we’re teaching them how to apply menu systems into their business. But many people, when they see our programs think “You’re just a discount brokerage” but we’re truly not! We offer a true menu where people can go all the way from the minimum for sale by owner program to full service and we’re training people how to offer that and do it in a fair way. So when it’s done properly, everybody’s happy because your local broker or agent is doing it in such a way that it’s working cause it’s fair. And I think sometimes you see the companies doing full discount or giving it all away on all of the programs and they’re not having enough money to finance the rest of them. That’s what I think. And we don’t try to take a big piece of the pie. We really do believe in – lots of people come back and love the program. And it’s not only a way to do business, but it goes right back to – it’s gotta be a win-win for both sides and it’s gonna be the people that say “I want everything! I don’t care about win-win. I’m the customer! I don’t care about you!” “You know what? I think maybe we’re not a great fit and you might want to go to another broker or agent that might be.”

Randy: Sometimes you just have to because you have to ask yourself. And I found that to be true across the board in human interaction where at the outset there is a more than normal amount of friction, problems that’s often a yellow flag.

Nathalie: Unless it was a bad day for the person, in which case you can tell. They really don’t care. I just don’t think that’s really a good way to do it. We’re almost at the end of the first half and – I also said it’s another email. “I’ve been told I would receive a credit…”

Randy: “…I read it – on the mortgage company.” So that’s the same as a rebate, right?

Nathalie: Yes – no it’s not the same. The mortgage company, if they’re giving you a credit, it’s not the same rebate, but they can also offer you a credit and still tie it in [inaudible]. They are gonna have amount restrictions and typically you’re gonna see that the credits are going to be smaller too. So there’s a couple ways to work it out and also when you’re doing the contract, you could also work it out like if you’re absolutely gonna end up with $5,000 extra, the check can’t be cut to you because you’re getting loans, then it can be worked out with the changes and then if we find out within three days that we can’t do it, then we’re gonna reduce the price by 5,000. You see? You can make sure you get it back for them. It just all needs to be done properly. So a pretty cool program! So for everybody that wants to look it up, you wanna go to and you can go to Contact Us and put your actual address and county or city so that we can place you with the appropriate broker.

Randy: Awesome! Again, just a wealth of knowledge on the rebate in general and the rebate program of REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. in particular., the website to check out all of the information there and yeah. We are going to take a break real quick here and on the other side of course the goal is inspiration, motivation and non-other than Dave Ferguson from is gonna be with us. He’s returning and he’s gonna get us pumped up so stay tuned!

Randy: It’s your minute with Maxwell! Here is author, speaker and mentor to millions! Your friend, John Maxwell!

John Maxwell: How do I get off of the “I think I can do it” to the “Do it” stage? You see in many people, their lives are like this. Ready, aim, aim, aim. They never fire or shoot or execute! Now let me just say there’s some people that’s like ready, fire, aim! And they don’t execute either, they just shoot somebody accidentally. Execute means that there’s a ready, preparation, aim, get your target, but then you shoot. The greatest gap of the world is the gap between knowing and doing?

Randy: Thanks, John! We trust we added some value today. For the video version of the minute with Maxwell, go to And we are back again! The show on the website. Again, if you just tuned in and got some of the nuggets, Nathalie was sharing about the buyer rebate program. Again, check On the show, a return visit – this guy we talk about a lot, but if you were to look up a change agent in the dictionary, a picture of this guy is right there. But Dave Ferguson, is his website and there is so much I could say about him full disclosure. I co-host a radio show weekly with him and I’ve learned a lot just listening him, following him on Facebook. And we talk about the law of momentum. I think it was John Maxwell’s number 16 in the laws of success. And the law of momentum is – man when you’re in that groove and we’ve all been there where you’re just on a roll, baseball players talk about the zone and the ball being slow and big. I think in basketball [inaudible] big and closer to him. Everything looks easier. And there’s a way to not only get [inaudible] but to keep it. And Dave Ferguson – just listen to him for the next few minutes. If you have to go now, pick up the archive when you can get back to it. Dave, welcome to Nathalie’s show!

Dave Ferguson: Hey, guys! Glad to be back!

Nathalie: How are you?

Dave Ferguson: I’m doing great, Nathalie. I was on a show and I remember it was live at an event in Florida in February.

Nathalie: That was a while ago!

Dave Ferguson: I’m happy to be back.

Randy: Dave, I really – and I love this about you. From the 25 years in radio and thousands of interviews, I love it when I can ask one question and the guest fills up 20 minutes. So this is gonna happen to you. Because you have so much to say and are so fired up inspirational. I’m gonna ask you to talk about Big Mo. You’ve got some things going on in your life. People want kind of a background on who you are. They can go to [inaudible] spent all this time talking about momentum. What’s going on in your life right now? How you got there, how do you keep momentum going in your life?

Dave Ferguson: Cool! Thank you! I love the Big Mo, obviously. Momentum doesn’t just happen. But before I talk about getting momentum and keeping momentum, I wanna talk about what a lot of people are fighting. Cause sometimes all the people seem to fight a tide of negative momentum. They feel like they can’t even get started so it’s not even in their future. I get tired sometimes with people that are stuck and they don’t know what to do. And so I look at this negative momentum [inaudible] through intention. So I’ll give you a simple example. I talked to someone the other day and they wanna lose 80 pounds. So what I started doing through questions with them was trying to find out what their true intentions are. See they wanna lose 80 pounds, but to really lose the 80 pounds, your intention should not be to lose weight, it should be to become more disciplined. So if they intend to be more disciplined, and they start becoming more disciplined, they’ll lose the weight, they’ll have a better life, they’ll be better at prioritizing. Things will just start – because now they’re a disciplined person when they were undisciplined before. So oftentimes we want to fix something, you know? And so it creates a lot of negative momentum when you can’t hit it. So I always ask people that are stuck “I need to find out what your true intentions are. Not what you’re telling me, ok? Let me dig here a little bit and find out what your true intentions are”. So folks if you’re out there and you’re struggling, you feel like you’re stuck in the tidal wave of negative momentum, examine or have someone examine for you your intentions, because that is so important. So hey, I’ve got a lot of momentum going on right now and there have been times in my life where I’ve been stuck and went to a coach saying “Get in my head! Help me! What am I doing?” I just did it a couple months ago, when I was stuck at a level most people would love to be at but I needed to get unstuck to get to the next level. And what’s amazing is I came back with a clean head, right? And so I have tremendous momentum going in my life. And it’s intentional! And really, from a business standpoint, my intentions started 8 years ago. So a lot of people go “Oh my God!” Maybe you just started with whatever you’re trying to get momentum on two weeks ago. It doesn’t happen, just like that person is not gonna lose 80 pounds in a week or 2 months. It took him 40 years to gain it, how to lose it in two months? So you gotta get unstuck. [inaudible] and I’ll talk about the multiple ways you can build momentum. And so once I set my true intentions of what I want my business to do for people, – because it’s not about me. If I say to you “I’ve got the [inaudible] on Randy” it means that I am making significance, I am becoming significant to other people, ok? So Big Mo for me is about the intentions of my business are and those are to help people get out of their comfort zone so they can grow. Period. People in businesses, cause businesses get comfortable too. So I often say to people that people think they’re going to hire me and I will motivate them. Well motivation is temporary, you know that. I can inspire them, but I don’t motivate people by demanding more of them. I actually help them see that they’re not demanding enough of themselves. So once I ca get into their head like that and they can agree to it, then they can start making and getting some wins, cause you gotta have the wins, you just don’t have momentum. You have to get some wins. And I talk about baby stuff all the time. I’m gonna give you my personal example, just over the last few months. So – and this is the way you pick up momentum. And actually, you’ll see through this story that it’s really not mine momentum, it’s been done by other people. So I’m doing this with my group and sometimes I do it by phone and I can give you the information on that. It connects people from all over the world. But I love doing it on my blog. I have a local group that said [inaudible]. So I did this group and there was this young lady in this group, happened to be a realtor, Nathalie. She had already paid and she tried to cancel a couple days before. “I don’t think I’m ready.” I didn’t know her. “Just come to the first one! If you’re not ready tell me and I’ll give you your money back. Keep the book, I don’t care.” And really for the first two or three weeks, she really didn’t say much. She sat there with her coat on and she just wasn’t connected cause she wasn’t allowing herself to connect. Well by the time the 10 weeks were over, I didn’t know this woman. It was like a totally different person. And I didn’t do anything. All I did was facilitate a personal development – it was a personal development group. I mean she was a completely different person.

Nathalie: That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

Dave Ferguson: And there were a couple people in that room that transformed in front of my eyes. It was powerful. That group changed me! And here’s what happened since then. So this is just with her. Her name is Wendy, ok? So imagine this. So Wendy loved that group, it changed her life. She made connections in that group, she stayed in contact with just about every single person in that group probably on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of them became friends which is awesome. Some of them created joint ventures together or doing charity things together. It’s just amazing the connections! So here’s what she does. She introduces me to someone who owns a pretty decent size company and he hires me without meeting or talking to me to speak. So I went and spoke, him and his wife were at the event and they pulled me to the side “We want to hire you as our executive and personal coach!” So they hired me as their coach. Two weeks later, the second in charge over there comes to me, he wants to hire me as his executive coach. It keeps going. The guy who owns the company connects me to another guy who owns a company that happens to be his father, who now has hired me to coach his entire leadership team of the company. And it gets better! And this is momentum.

Nathalie: Fantastic!

Dave Ferguson: This is momentum, folks! It gets better! So the first guy she introduced me to he now has his employees on a weekly call with me now when we’re doing that same book, the personal development book that I did with that young lady in the group. By the way, that young lady, Wendy, came to me and said “I wanna do another group!” I said, you know I got this book that I wanna do. I said I’ll tell you what! You get the place, you get the people, they cough the money, I’ll show up!

Nathalie: Delegation1

Dave Ferguson: She got 15 people ready to start. So folks, I mean that’s the people connection momentum. Have I done anything really? I facilitated the personal development group, which I could do in my sleep. And just one person in your life. You don’t think she’s inspired me? I’m being inspired by her, she’s amazing! And so I’m watching what I’m doing. She was at a live event that I did at the end of June in Charlotte and she recruited a bunch of people to go on the live event! And she’s not on commission.

Nathalie: Yeah, it’s wonderful!

Dave Ferguson: But she’s infected right now. She’s got it bad.

Randy: You said it earlier. She – you added value to her in an immense way and so she’s just –

Dave Ferguson: She’s paying it back to.

Randy: It’s that whole “You cannot give the universe” idea, cause you can’t put it back, double, triple or whatever. Wow! That’s very cool! So again, you’re a guy that was in the corporate world as a CEO and whatnot so you’ve been in that world and as a business coach or life coach. So for folks who haven’t been in corporate America but still wanna get momentum, I’m guessing they need to find their deal and once they know what is their purpose and get laser focused on it. I guess it sounds like building a relationship. How do I build relationships?

Dave Ferguson: It’s all about people, you have to relate with them and find some common ground. I mean I do this whole workshop on how to build relationships and I actually give people [inaudible], you could do it at the bus stop. No, really! I mean it’s that easy, but [inaudible] they still want to reinvent the wheel. You gotta relate with people, man!

Nathalie: Absolutely!

Dave Ferguson: And to your question, I think you have to be passionate about what you do. You have to love what you do. You only get one shot. Go find something else! Don’t quit! Transition out of it! [inaudible] But transition out! Start finding something you’re passionate about. Now as far as finding your purpose, I’m all for that but don’t kill yourself trying to find it. It will come if you’re out there doing something passionate. I’m not really big on doing purpose workshops and getting people all worked up “I’m not fulfilling my purpose!” Because I’ve been through it! I think I know my purpose now, but I’m not sure and I don’t think I’ll ever be sure! I’m purposeful, that’s the difference. If I’m doing it [inaudible], I don’t do anything in other ways. If I’m not purposeful, I’m not doing it. I’ll hire somebody to do it! Like I used to love cutting my lawn I was one of those guys when I lived in a neighborhood I had to have the nicest lawn. And I did it with purpose! And this house I’m living in now, you couldn’t pay me to do it! For those of you that are trying to find their purpose, find what you’re passionate about and do it with purpose!

Randy: There you go!

Nathalie: Absolutely! And we’re all very different and I think that I should point out that we’re all extremely different and don’t try to be somebody else! Just stick to the basics! You definitely need to follow your own and then live that with passion. I firmly believe that.

Dave Ferguson: You’re so right! I wrote a blog this morning that’s gonna go out in a couple of weeks. And it’s about – it’s gonna be like a 3 weeker cause it’s 15 things you need to do to keep failing. So I’m gonna drip out 5 a week, but I’ll give you the first one now. If you wanna keep – here’s why you fail. You chase other people’s dreams and not your own.

Nathalie: Yeah.

Dave Ferguson: And I’m gonna piss some people off, I’m sorry if that’s a bad word. Like a lot of people have – the next time you see someone with a vision board, take a look what’s on it. A big house, Mercedes Benz. You know what my vision board has on it? It has a man lifting up kids and that man was someone who was able to retire at a very early age and was involved in the children’s charity. So it’s what you can do with your significance. That’s what the visualization – for me, when I look at that baby every day, it’s about legacy, making a different, being significant. It’s not about me having a big house, car or toys or vacations. Because let me just tell you – if you’re doing what you’re passionate about and you do it with significance, you could have anything you want. And that’s not in the book anywhere. If your intentions are in line and they’re truly your intentions, you’ll get there. Cause let’s face it! There’s a million books on how to do things!

Randy: You gotta have that big why.

Nathalie: And it’s not about the material stuff. I don’t think people give themselves credit but we’re more valuable than any material. Billions of dollars in the world – we ourselves individually have much more value than all the money and the material stuff in the world. And I think that’s the thing that people need to get. And you’re right! If you do that stuff, the many keeps coming and the Universe gives it back to you. I agree. But it’s interesting, cause you talk to some people and if somebody is happy doing what they love, then that is what they should be doing. So we’re all different and I think it’s awesome that you facilitate getting them to see it and turn that light back on, right? Cause sometimes I think with the economy and life and people taking other peoples’ opinions when they shouldn’t, it can really turn people into that negative place where maybe you just mentioned the real estate agent like “I don’t think it’s for me cause she wasn’t sure and she was fired up and unleashed those passions.” And took it to the next level.

Dave Ferguson: Oh my God! That story is unbelievable! And there’s more to it – I mean it just goes on and on. It’s just – I don’t see that ending. And that really is momentum. That’s the Big Mo’s. The Big Mo’s coming because what’s happening is all of these connections now are doing the same thing, it’s almost like they have to. It’s weird! They’re getting infected and go like “You gotta have some of this!” I mean I had one of them call me today and he’s trying to refer someone to me and he told the guys “You better get ahold of him right now cause he won’t get new clients pretty soon.”

Nathalie: That’s great!

Dave Ferguson: So I’m blessed right now. When you put your heart, soul, sweat and effort into someone’s life because you really mean it and want that person to change and grow and do what they wanna do – when you do that, people pay you back!

Nathalie: I love it! That’s wonderful! No go ahead! I didn’t mean to interrupt you.

Dave Ferguson: Momentum is not always about you being out there, trying to drive new business. Because what happens is when you think that, you’re kind of running people over, backing up, running over them again and you’re not building a relationship.

Nathalie: I really believe we are here to serve, not to be served but then we have the boundaries we have to look at. So then every boundary had blocks and what stops them from doing what they maybe were supposed to be doing certain times and I think that’s kind of interesting, cause some people aren’t ready for reasons and some aren’t ready because of the blocks. And then some people don’t want that in the first place. You know how we’re all so different I think it’s pretty amazing – that’s wonderful what you’re doing and it’s your living proof and it’s coming back and it’s circling and giving and taken and one person can help many other because the circle of influence is so much larger now with the internet and that’s cool!

Dave Ferguson: And here’s the thing! When you get it in one part of your life – I have my latest wheel of life up on the wall right now that I did recently for myself.

Randy: What is on your wheel of life?

Dave Ferguson: I have 8 slices. I have business, fun, financial, friends and family, spiritual, mind, giving back and I have body.

Nathalie: That’s great!

Dave Ferguson: Friends and family, business, fun, financial, body, giving back, mind and spiritual.

Randy: And all those wheels, the goal is balance in those areas.

Nathalie: We gotta tell people how to find you though. Randy, we gotta tell the solicitors!

Randy: baby!

Dave Ferguson: or I’ve got some neat events coming up. I’m doing a two day speaker workshop in Charlotte, September 13th and 14th and it’s half day on Friday and a full day on Saturday. Email me as if you don’t wanna go to the website. I’ll give you info on that. Charlotte is not the easiest airport in the country to get to from where I am sitting.

Nathalie: Really?

Dave Ferguson: Well with the American US Air merger…

Nathalie: Amazing!

Dave Ferguson: And the hotel is right next to the airport. And it’s not about becoming a professional speaker, it’s about speaking for whatever you want to speak for. Speaking for your business or your groups or whatever. It’s just gonna get you comfortable on speaking. And then of course I have all my other stuff. I do group coaching and mentoring on the phone so you can be anywhere in the country, I got a new group starting September so I can get you information on that, there’s info on the website about that. And I’m available in the West Coast for all you West Coast listeners, I’d love to come out there and do something!

Randy: Yeah, we need to get you out here on the West Coast, man! Have an Ask Coach Dave parade our house conferences and hit you up the coast here.

Dave Ferguson: The Big Mo tour!

Randy: There it is! The Big Mo tour.

Nathalie: I like that, that’s cool!

Randy: We’ll have to hit Honolulu in that.

Dave Ferguson: Yeah.

Nathalie: Do it in the winter time so that everybody appreciates it!

Dave Ferguson: Yeah! This has been awesome! Dave from And all kinds of ways to interact with him and be involved with him. And really he’s been a coach for me in the last year so far, as we’ve been doing some radio stuff as well so thank you, man! And keep up the Big Mo!

Nathalie: I’ll keep in touch! Yeah, time goes by fast. It was wonderful to have you on!

Dave Ferguson: Thank you! Have a great day!

Nathalie: You have a great day too! And to everybody out there, I wish you peace!

Randy: Thank you for joining us on REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. Radio! Our hope is that you were enlightened, encouraged and mobilized to be an agent of change. REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. is on Facebook, join us there. Follow us also on Twitter@RealtyUniversal. And for more information, you can go to Make it a great day!