Reverse Mortgages- Steve Sless discusses Reverse Mortgages and new benefits…

Steven J. Sless is a proud father, husband, speaker and business leader. Steven is an industry veteran spending the past decade focused on growing multiple national reverse mortgage platforms.  Passionate about living a life of purpose by effecting change in the lives of people, he has long been committed to his personal and professional growth and to inspiring others on a similar journey. Steven has built a reputation as a skilled communicator and industry leader though his speaking engagements and in the national media. Steven’s passion, experience, expertise and dynamic personality electrifies audiences and inspires people to act. Steven is a master at making complex concepts simple and easy to understand. His presentations are tantalizing, powerful and unmatched in their ability to have an immediate impact, he cares about individuals, showing them how to utilize a reverse mortgage to stay in their home, have money for travel or their desires and live in peace. Reverse mortgages have changed dramatically for the better. Steve Sless, an expert in reverse mortgages and a regular contributor on our show joins us today to give us details on how to “Age in Place” and even purchase a home using either a reverse mortgage or forward reverse mortgage… bet you didn’t know they also come with lines of credit that earn interest?

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