Workplace pivots- Mary Ann Faremouth joins us to discuss many options…

We have all experienced changes since February 2020 in the workplace, at home and with so much more. Joining us today is well known Mary Ann Faremouth, Executive Recruiter, Speaker & Author of Revolutionary Recruiting and Revolutionary Reinvention Workbook. Mary Ann founded her company Faremouth & Company in 1982, specializing in recruiting for Professional, Clerical and Temporary placements, with the pipe, tube, metals, coating, oilfield service, and industrial supply having a particularly strong focus. The utmost attention is given to every applicant and position. Mary has her Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) credential  which requires years of experience in the industry. Mary Ann achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Marygrove University and graduated with honors.  Today we are going to discuss, how to do a self-inventory, how to take advantage and see these changes as a plus to revolutionize your role in the workplace and at home.

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